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Swan Song: One Last Track

Amazing Starts Here is our brand-new podcast, hosted by Love Island winner Amber Rose-Gill. Each episode uncovers a real-life superhero story, all empowered by The National Lottery.

Amber Rose-Gill with Ben Buddy Slack in his music studio.

On the second episode of Amazing Starts Here, Amber meets in Leeds with Ben Buddy Slack the founder and creative director of ‘The Swan Song Project’.

The Swan Song Project is a National Lottery funded charity that through song writing is reframing grief and people’s feelings towards death with music. They create songs that act as goodbyes for people at the end of their lives or to preserve the memories of those who are grieving someone they have lost.

Ben works with local hospices in Bradford and Leeds offering different services, from creating songs with people that are struggling to see their relatives dying to playing people’s songs at their funeral.

Over this episode Ben tells us how he started and grew this special project as well as emotional stories from contributors’ experiences writing songs for their relatives.

In 2020 to acknowledge the invaluable support he gave to people at the end of their lives and their families during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ben was honoured by the National Lottery with a community bench in his name.

Thanks to National Lottery players, more than £30 million goes to good causes across the UK every week, which in turn helps charities like The Swan Song Project continue to carry out incredible work in their communities.

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