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The Breast Cancer Care app (BECCA) supports people moving forwards after breast cancer.

Members of the BECCA project celebrating their National Lottery Awards win

The end of breast cancer treatment is often the hardest part. Debilitating long term side effects, anxieties about the cancer returning and damaged body confidence are just some of the issues people are left with as they walk out of the hospital doors.

To help people cope with this daunting transition, Breast Cancer Care has developed a first of its kind mobile app. Delivering reliable, trustworthy information and support to the user, BECCA (Breast Cancer Care App) empowers and equips people to adjust to life beyond breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care created the app after listening to the experiences of people who have had breast cancer diagnosis, identifying a real need for day-to-day support. BECCA offers information, hints and tips through bite-sized flashcards on topics like exercise, diet and managing side effects of treatment. Delivering articles on everything from well-being and mindfulness to peer-led advice, BECCA lets it’s users know they’re not alone.

With generous funding from the Big Lottery Fund, BECCA is rapidly becoming more efficient and effective, and is set to reach tens of thousands more people with its vital support.

BECCA is currently available on iPhone and Android Phones, and as a lighter, web version of the app.



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