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TAMHI - Change Makers

TAMHI’s Change Makers programme promotes mental health awareness for young people through sport and play. Working with around 100 clubs and 4,000 people, the project uses workshops, talks, training and unique activities to tackle the stigma surrounding metal health and promote positive wellbeing, having a major impact across Greater Belfast and around Northern Ireland.

TAMHI’s Change Makers programme uses workshops, talks, training and unique activities to help sports clubs, schools and youth groups connect with young people, raising awareness of mental health issues and helping to build resilience among participants. Working with more than 100 clubs and 4,000 young people, Change Makers has had a major impact across the Greater Belfast area and around Northern Ireland.

With a focus on tackling the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting positive wellbeing, the team has created and distributed bespoke mental health toolkits to the clubs it works with and is committed to measuring impact among its participants. Of the clubs involved, 74% now have their own wellbeing committee, with more than 90% reporting an increase in wellbeing among its members. The charity has also developed an app to capture the programme’s key materials, video content and success stories, to increase accessibility to mental health resources for young people across Northern Ireland and beyond.


TAMHI work to inspire coaches and young leaders to be positive role models and has trained 84 coaches to deliver their Wellbeing Games Tutorials. The scheme has reached 1,400 young people aged eight to 16 through sports clubs, increasing knowledge and awareness of services, breaking down stigma, building resilience, self-regulation and help-seeking behaviour.

The charity was launched in 2011 by Joe Donnelly and Stephen McLaughlin in memory of Thomas ‘Tammy Tucker’ McLaughlin, who took his own life two years earlier. TAMHI stands for Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues and works across Northern Ireland to promote positive mental fitness through sport and play.

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