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The Great Fen

The Great Fen is one of the biggest habitat restoration projects in Europe

Starting in 2001, The Great Fen is a 50 year project to create a huge wetland area between Peterborough and Huntingdon that would host a thriving ecosystem of plants and animals. The aim of the project is restoring and maintaining the large wetland area of the Holmewood Estate in Cambridgeshire to past glory. National Lottery funding has enabled this group to create habitats for animals along with local community benefits.

Through the biggest National Lottery grant ever provided to an environmental project, the Great Fen was able to purchase the Holmewood Estate - a 3,255-acre space and a key part of the restoration plan which would allow the Great Fen build new habitats including grasslands, reedbeds, hay meadows and open water. These habitats not only provide suitable and sustainable grounds for wildlife but also provide for wide ranging community, education and conservational work.

The Great Fen don't just aim to attract new wildlife; the project is also providing a human boost too. Through the generation of new crops and land, local farmers are developing rare breeds of cattle such as British White and Belted Galloway whilst plans for a visitors' centre, tourism and local enterprises will help develop the local economy and employment.


Wildlife Trust Countryside Centre,
Chapel Rd,
PE26 2RS


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