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Wall Of Fame- 27/05/20

25th Mai 2020

by National Lottery Good Causes

A closer look at Lottery Funded projects that have been doing inspiring work during Covid-19.

Little Village organising & delivering items

1. Little Village

Little Village is another amazing project providing love, support and supplies to families at this time. Based in South London, the project has a vision that every child in the capital is provided with the essential items that they need to thrive. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 they have seen a 66% rise in demand for their help, and that’s why they have been busy creating and delivering bundles of essential items including clothes, toys, bedding, nappies and toiletries to struggling parents and kids across the capital. They also have a team of volunteers who are checking-in and offering friendship and support to vulnerable families every day on the phone. ❤👏

Pink Ladies' Immune Boosting Smoothie Recipe

2. The Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group

The Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group in Northern Ireland is continuing to help improve the mental, physical and emotional health of cancer sufferers and their families/ carers. During Coronavirus they have been offering online support to their community as well as delivering Immune Boosting Packs. These packs provide members with access to good foods that help keep the immune system strong during this time. Many families are not able to afford organic products so, thanks to National Lottery funding, patients can be provided with the best food to help support their health.

International FAN Zoom Meeting

3. The FAN Charity

The Fan Charity, based in Wales, is continuing to help support their group participants during this challenging time- many of whom are elderly, vulnerable, new to the country and/or suffering mental and physical ailments. In order to help reduce loneliness, FAN has moved online and continues to deliver group sessions on Zoom. These meetings are often centred around interesting topics, such as cooking, politics and music! As well as this, FAN are continuing to support participants over social media, email, text and phone.

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