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Lochlan's Legacy: what impact can football have on young people with Type 1 Diabetes?

An inspiring teenager who founded his own charity during the pandemic to raise awareness and understanding of Type 1 Diabetes is the latest guest on an award-winning podcast by The National Lottery.

Two women, Sam Quek and Leslye with a kid, Lochlan
Sam Quek with Lochlan and his mum Lesley from Lochlan's Legacy.

Football-fanatic Lochlan Murdoch set up Lochlan’s Legacy back in October 2020, just ahead of his 12th birthday, to break down barriers and reduce the stigma around Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in Scotland.

In the latest episode of The National Lottery’s Amazing Start Here podcast, TV presenter and former Olympian Sam Quek met Lochlan, 14, and his mum Lesley to find out more about their project and its impact on young people.

Lochlan’s journey started when he received his diabetes diagnosis at just 4 years old but was determined to take it on with a constant smile on his face. Then at the age of 9, after breaking his leg playing football, Lochlan started struggling with his mental health. This pushed him to raise awareness of T1D and its potential impact on mental health.

After taking own a challenge of walking 28 miles around 14 football stadiums throughout Scotland in 4 days, raising £10,500 for JDRF and The Kris Boyd Charity, Lochlan spent the following year setting up his own charity, Lochlan's Legacy. The impact of which has already gone far beyond what he expected it to be.

With the help of National Lottery funding and the support of the Scottish Football Association, Hampden Sports Clinic and Glasgow University he has produced videographic information, workshops, and a comprehensive e-learning programme.

Speaking to Sam about the inspiration behind his charity, Lochlan, from Cumnock, Ayrshire, said: “During the leg break, my diabetes was very hard to control, and I suffered with my mental health. But once I was able to walk, I wanted to do something to give other people the support I didn’t get.”

Sam Quek added: “As a former elite athlete, I’ve been fortunate to benefit directly from National Lottery funding and have seen how it’s helped us bring home medals galore from Olympic and Paralympic games.

“In this series, I will be meeting some impressive people who have been making their mark in all aspects of life across the UK and catching-up with some familiar faces to find out how National Lottery support has empowered them to turn their dreams into reality.

“I hope you can join me to find out where the amazing starts”.

Lochlan and Lesley's Lochland Legacy project is just one of the thousands of organisations throughout the UK which benefit from the £30 million raised every week for good causes by National Lottery players.

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