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Fruitfull Communities



This transformational project works with young, homeless people across the country to create new orchards, enhance their local natural environment and improve community spaces.

Apples, grapes, tomatoes... Fruit-full Communities can grow them all.

Learning through Landscapes, along with its partners the YMCA, the International Tree Foundation and the Orchard Project, wish for a world of sustainable food with people knowing how to grow local, fresh produce successfully.

They created Fruit-full Communities, which aims to educate young homeless people in supported housing schemes on how to grow and cultivate their own produce whilst improving their skills, confidence and health. Situated in around 50 homelessness centres across the country, it is also helping the local community by transforming the centres into beautiful and inspiring places to visit. It also breaks down the stigma of the homeless in society.

Through Fruit-full Communities, I can fulfil my passion for gardening - the scheme has opened up possibilities for me that I never thought possible. I’m a strong believer in Fruit-full Communities, it has the power to improve the lives of those who take part and it’s definitely motivated me. It showed me that there was something outside the YMCA.

George, a beneficiary from Fruitfull Communities

George, who has learning difficulties and found himself homeless and thanks to Fruitfull Communities, George now hopes to gain employment in something related to the course.

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