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Punk: Rage & Revolution

Punk: Rage & Revolution is an intergenerational heritage programme involving 250 young people from underrepresented communities across Leicester, connecting them to original Punks to share their thoughts on social and cultural issues and create art, music and fashion. These creations are brought together with original artefacts to form a high-profile exhibition at Leicester Museum.

Punk: Rage & Revolution tells the story of Britain’s iconic 1970s Punk scene. With input from more than 50 people who were part of the local and national movement in the late 1970s, participants shared memories of social, political and cultural life during that incredible point in history, with some also lending fascinating memorabilia to the project for exhibitions at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery and Soft Touch Arts.

Highlights include a collection of original Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren Punk era clothing, as well as a mural by leading Punk artist Jamie Reid. Their interviews will be saved in an archive in partnership with the University of Leicester to be used by future generations.

Punk: Rage & Revolution

More than 250 young people from across the city, mainly from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities, have engaged with the project. Participants have learnt from the original Punks and embraced the opportunity to share their thoughts, contrasting social and cultural issues from the punk era with today. They have also created art, music, dance and sustainable fashion which sit alongside nostalgic items in the exhibition.

Co-curated and co-designed by young people from Soft Touch Arts, the exhibition, which opened in June and runs until September, started 18 months ago with the ambitious team at Soft Touch Arts, in partnership with Arch Creative and independent curator Shaun Knapp, aiming to create a truly intergenerational heritage learning and engagement project that will also bring economic benefit to Leicester.

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