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Rural Media Charity

The importance of preserving and documenting the cultural heritage of an area has been brought to life by Rural Media’s film A Great Place

Rural Media is a small production company and charity based in Hereford, at the heart of the border county of Herefordshire.

Their award-winning films and digital arts projects help to tell powerful local stories via cinema, TV, tablet or smartphone, ensuring a lasting legacy and wide-reaching impact.

The charity arm works with communities, schools, groups and individuals, to create a diverse range of films that raise awareness, celebrate rural life and ultimately influence cultural change where it’s needed.

One of these projects is a National Lottery funded initiative with Herefordshire Cultural Partnership, called A Great Place.

This seeks to reaffirm and re-establish culture at the heart of life in this West Midlands county, working with communities, volunteers and arts and crafts professionals.

As part of the project, the Great Place team hosted the national culture conference Civic Fabric 2018, designed to bring together a wide range of stakeholders to explore new ideas and strengthen the links between culture, health and wellbeing.

Rural Media filmed contributors, organisers and participants in the event, explaining the cultural ethos and what the project meant to them, as well as outlining their hopes for positive outcomes.

The resulting film is an important step towards creating awareness, knowledge and participation in the A Great Place project in Herefordshire.

Rural Media also created a film about the discrimination issues and poor access to services for the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities which prevent them from having a full and equal role in society

To find out more about Rural Media Charity and to view their A Great Place film visit their website

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