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4th August 2020

Do you know a young hero in your local community? Spend time at a treasured outdoor space? Have a favourite heritage site? We want to know! Learn more about three of our National Lottery Awards categories and how YOU can nominate a worthy individual...

Avalon Marshes- Environment Award Winners 2017

1. Young Hero Award

Do you know a young person who has made an extraordinary impact in their community during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic?

Maybe they were a vital volunteer, ensuring vulnerable individuals received essential supplies while also trying to keep up with their schoolwork? Perhaps they’ve found a novel way to keep spirits up in the local neighbourhood, provide peer support to other young people who struggling or kept their sports team training in isolation?

Whatever their contribution, we want you to tell us about their good deeds by nominating them for the 2020 National Lottery Awards. We particularly want to give recognition to young heroes aged 18 and younger who have faced an unprecedented challenge for their generation with kindness, motivation and positivity.

Polli Nation- Environment Award Winners 2018

2. Environment Award

Our outdoor spaces and the wildlife that inhabit them have taken on a new importance during the Covid-19 pandemic, as the nation takes solace in parks, country walks and trips to the coast.

Keeping these treasures of the natural world thriving is the work of an army of environmental heroes, driving thousands of National Lottery funded projects around the UK – and we want to celebrate them in the 2020 National Lottery Awards.

We are looking for everyone from vital volunteers ensuring shielding pensioners received essentials to their door to green-fingered Good Samaritans looking after precious green spaces for all ages to enjoy.

Lion Salt Works- Heritage Award Winners 2016

3. Heritage Award

The custodians of our nation’s heritage have faced unprecedented challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, from caring for precious collections in lockdown to ensuring the door to historic buildings are able to reopen again when the time is right.

Their work is the stuff of history and we want to celebrate them in the 2020 National Lottery Awards. For the first time, the awards will honour the individuals and small groups who have been heroes, doing everything from getting supplies to those in need to caring for our historic national treasures.

Good to know...

There will be no public vote, but your nominations will be put before a judging panel made up of members of the National Lottery family and partners who will crown which ones will pick up a coveted National Lottery Awards trophy and a £3,000 cash prize for their project. Click here to get nominating!