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Integrate UK: Age of the Activists

Amazing Starts Here is our brand-new podcast, hosted by Love Island winner Amber Rose-Gill. Each episode uncovers a real-life superhero story, all empowered by The National Lottery.

*Trigger warning: discussion about sensitive topics including FGM and sexual harassment

Three minority women posing together empowered
Amber Rose-Gill with Mariama Sanneh and Amaal Ali

In the first episode of Amazing Starts Here, Amber meets activists Amaal Ali and our 2021 National Lottery Awards ‘Young Hero’ winner Mariama Sanneh from Integrate UK, a National Lottery funded charity based in Bristol.

Integrate UK
educates school kids, teachers, police, and lawyers on subjects around gender, racial inequality and community bonding.

They create workshops, films and songs about social issues such as gender, sexual assault and racism to spark conversation. During this episode they tell us about their film 'Switched' which brings men and boys into the conversation around female genital mutilation.

Thanks to National Lottery players, more than £30 million goes to good causes across the UK every week, which in turn helps charities like Integrate UK continue to carry out incredible work in their communities.

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