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Between the 1st and 12th of November, The National Lottery is inviting distributors, projects, volunteers, fundraisers, athletes and players to make a #PlanetaryPromise on social media as part of a campaign promoting environmental good causes.

During one week of digital and PR activity, The National Lottery family will announce that £2.2 billion of funding has gone towards environmental good causes in the last decade, showcasing some of the amazing projects and organisations that have been making a difference to the planet with their funding.

As a project that has received National Lottery funding, you are part of an incredible network of more than 110,000 organisations who change lives every day. If all of these organisations could make a simple and achievable #PlanetaryPromise, we would be able to make a vital contribution to the future of our planet.

How can I get involved?

It’s easy to join. We are asking you to rally your supporters – including any of your volunteers, staff, service users – with the following ask:

  1. As a project, think about an achievable promise your organisation can make, and as an individual what you can also do. This doesn’t have to be a huge commitment or policy change, small promises or things you’re already doing but haven’t yet shouted about are encouraged.
  2. Between the 1st and 12th of November, post your promise on social media using the hashtags #PlanetaryPromise and #NationalLottery and tag @lottogoodcauses / @NationalLotteryGoodCauses where you can!

To help with your social posts, please see a link to a digital toolkit here – more assets will be added over the next few weeks The toolkit includes some examples of promises you may wish to use and share on social media, and a #PlanetaryPromise template for you to add your own promise – you just need to add the text, which you can do via graphic editing software, or a programme like Paint.

We understand that promises will vary depending on your sector or organisation set-up, but some possible examples of promises you could make include:

Project Promises

‘We promise to encourage the use of reusable water bottles at our office/venue/building and say no to single-use plastic bottles. #PlanetaryPromise #NationalLottery’

‘We promise to install a compost bin at our site, to make sure our food waste supports the growth of plants and trees, instead of going to landfill. #PlanetaryPromise #NationalLottery’

‘We promise to incentivise our staff and volunteers to cycle or walk to work, instead of using their vehicles. #PlanetaryPromise #NationalLottery’

‘We promise to make recycling easier for the public during visits to our green spaces. #PlanetaryPromise #NationalLottery’

Individual Promises:

‘I promise to switch off all my devises once fully charged and not leave running overnight #PlanetaryPromise #NationalLottery’

‘I promise to use my car less and walk where I can #PlanetaryPromise #NationalLottery’

‘I promise that I will be changing all my light bulbs to energy efficient ones over the next few months #PlanetaryPromise #NationalLottery’

We also encourage you to share your own images, perhaps of environmental actions you’re already taking along with your #PlanetaryPromise. If you have any issues with the toolkit or need any help creating your #PlanetaryPromise post, please drop our Social Media Team a line on

You can also keep an eye out on our social channels between the 1st and 12th of November for some inspiration for your promises. As part of our video series, comedian and podcaster Rosie Ramsey learns from National Lottery-funded projects, how to make some simple changes to help the environment!