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It's crossed-finger selfie time!

Join us in saying a big #ThanksToYou to National lottery players, for funding amazing projects across the UK.

Together, thousands of people will post crossed finger selfies on Friday 19th November 2021 to say a massive collective thank you to the National Lottery players for their colossal contribution to good causes across the UK, and you’re invited to take part.

As a project that has received National Lottery funding, you’re part of an incredible network of more than 636,000 organisations who change lives every day – and whose work is supported by the National Lottery players.

How can I get involved?

It’s easy to join in. We are asking you to rally your supporters – including any of your volunteers, staff, service users - with a very simple ask:
• Share your crossed finger selfie on the Friday 19th November 2021
• Include a message about how National Lottery players have helped your organisation, and say thank you to National Lottery players by using the hashtags #ThanksToYou and #NationalLottery.

As well as being an iconic symbol of The National Lottery, crossed fingers are a symbol of hope - helping people to make the connection between the game, and the good causes it supports.

We’ll be celebrating amazing projects and the people who make them happen from Monday 15th November, so do feel free to share a thank you to players and your fantastic staff and volunteers throughout this period.

And finally, we want you to be safe, so we’d ask that you respect any social distancing rules when taking your selfies too.

Who can get involved?

On the day, we’d love you to post crossed finger selfies to your organisation’s social accounts and urge your supporters to do the same.

For example, you could reach out to:
• Staff and volunteers
• Service users and beneficiaries
• Senior stakeholders – e.g. your local politicians
• Fundraisers

Feel free to get creative with your own crossed-finger selfies – add fun props or branding, take your crossed finger pics outside, at your venues or projects, or out-and-about in your community... The sky is the limit!


Projects and organisations all over the UK will be posting selfies on Friday 19th November 2021

– from national charities to grassroots groups - and we’d love you to be part of this remarkable day of celebration. Getting involved is a great chance to highlight how your charity or group has made a real difference to people in your local community.

By posting crossed finger selfies on the day, it will show that you are part of an incredible network of life-changing charities and community groups who change lives every day, and highlight the impact that National Lottery players have had by funding your work.

Using the hashtag #ThanksToYou and #NationalLottery will also boost your social media and brand visibility on the day and give more people the chance to hear about your project.

Together, we can flood social media with these images to show the human impact of The National Lottery’s support for good causes across the UK.

Thank you

Together, we can make sure the public knows how playing The National Lottery makes a difference to good causes all over the UK.

We are extremely grateful for your support, and for all that you have done to help your community over the past 26 years. Let’s shout about it together! Happy Crossed Fingers Day!

*Download this information as a pdf here.