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  1. River and Sea Sense

    River and Sea Sense teaches water safety and CPR to young people and adults across Wales, to try to avoid future tragic accidents.

  2. Ignition Training

    Ignition Training teaches a range of motor vehicle maintenance skills to members of the community from all walks of life

  3. Magi Ann

    This project brought the Magi Ann series of beloved Welsh-language children’s books to life through six free apps.

  4. Yellow Door Star Project

    STAR's preventative workshops engage with children and young people on issues around relationships.

  5. Suited For Success

    Suited for Success is a charity which provides essential moral support along with free second-hand suits and workwear to help unemployed men and women.

  6. St Giles Trust Peer Advisors

    St Giles Trust's Peer Advisors offer personalised, professional support to help people who are experiencing issues such as an offending background, addiction, homelessness or gang involvement.

  7. The Science Museum

    The UK’s home of human ingenuity, attracting more than three million visitors a year, has evolved over the last 25 years with the support of substantial National Lottery support

  8. MyBnk

    MyBnk is a charity that delivers expert-led financial education programmes to 7-25 year olds in UK schools and youth organisations.

  9. Friendly Food Club

    81-year-old former teacher, designer and restauranteur Tony Gibbons set up his Friendly Food Club 15 years ago to improve the confidence and diet of struggling families through fun cookery workshops in local community centres.