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Scotland - Projects

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  1. Evanton Community Wood

    Evanton Wood is a 65 hectare woodland in the Scottish Highlands owned and managed by the community.

  2. The Granite City Guerillas

    The Granite City Guerrillas' use dodgeball to encourage the Aberdeenshire community to come together for good

  3. Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club

    Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club was set up in response to a tide of antisocial and criminal behaviour by young motorbike riders in Fife.

  4. V&A Dundee

    Scotland’s first design museum has capped Dundee’s growing global reputation for artistic innovation and excellence, as well as increasing appeal to tourists from all over the world.

  5. Campbeltown Picture House

    Campbeltown Picture House is one of Europe's most historic cinemas - and one of the first to be purpose-built in Britain. It was returned to its former glory after a £3.5 million restoration, and reopened in 2017.

  6. Baby Loss Retreat

    Baby Loss Retreat offers weekends away to bereaved mums and dads in Scotland.

  7. South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project

    Golden eagles are soaring across southern skies again thanks to a groundbreaking conservation project.

  8. A person (Eric Sproul) holding a National Lottery Awards trophy

    Eric Sproul

    After getting a bike transformed his life of pain and depression, this community centre volunteer is supporting others with their mental and physical health.

  9. Jak's Den

    Jak's Den

    Team Jak provides emotional, social and practical support for children and young people with cancer and related illnesses throughout Scotland.

  10. Pianodrome


    An organisation that repurposes disused pianos to create playable, community-centred sculptures and amphitheatres.

  11. Friends of Hartwood Paupers Cemetery

    Friends of Hartwood Paupers Cemetery

    A local community group who has given dignity back to 1255 once forgotten pauper patients and staff from Hartwood Asylum buried between 1895 and 1952.

  12. Scottish Sports Futures

    Scottish Sports Futures

    An inspiring organisation that helps exceptional young people experiencing challenges reach their full potential through the power of sport.