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  1. Creative Design and Manufacture UK

    Taslima Ahmad is passionate about preserving and promoting the shared heritage of hand processed textile manufacturing of Britain and South Asia.

  2. Pollinating the Peak

    One ambitious natural heritage project based in Derbyshire is working hard to revive their numbers by raising awareness of the links between the countryside, food and bumblebees through education and community action.

  3. Green Valley Conservation and Heritage Project

    Only three years ago Cynon Valley Organic Adventures site, home to the Green Valley Conservation and Heritage project, was a derelict wasteland. Today, it has been reformed into a community garden, helping the people of this former Welsh mining village improve their employability skills and wellbeing through gardening and connecting with nature.

  4. Reimagine, Remake, Replay

    Reimagine, Remake, Replay is a youth project which seeks to engage young people with museums in new and meaningful ways using creative media and the latest digital technologies.

  5. Maxwell Ayamba

    Maxwell Ayamba is a countryside enthusiast and environmental champion who has connected hundreds of people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities with the outdoors.

  6. South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project

    Golden eagles are soaring across southern skies again thanks to a groundbreaking conservation project.

  7. Millennium Falcon Exhibition

    The Millennium Falcon Exhibition was established in rural Wales to tell the story of a Pembrokeshire village’s ‘worst kept secret’ - the building of a life-size Star Wars spacecraft in the 1970s.

  8. An Tobar

    An Tobar is a community wellness centre and social farm in south Armagh, Northern Ireland that aims to connect people with nature to improve their health.

  9. Museum of Homelessness

    The Museum of Homelessness (MoH) is working to build the first national collection for homelessness in the UK, a community of people who are rarely acknowledged or heard from, or whose lives are misrepresented in traditional media.

  10. A person (Clive Gray) holding a National Lottery Awards trophy

    Clive Gray

    Leader of an ambitious maritime heritage project working to revive a once proud shipbuilding town, with skills training for young people and an adventurous expedition.

  11. Punk: Rage & Revolution

    Punk: Rage & Revolution

    An intergenerational heritage programme involving 250 young people from underrepresented communities across Leicester.

  12. Project SIARC

    Project SIARC

    The marine environment along the Welsh coast is teeming with life and Project SIARC - Sharks Inspiring Action and Research with Communities - is doing all it can to make things even better.