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Arts - Prosiectau

Canfod prosiectau sy’n agos atoch chi


  1. Avalon Marshes

    The Avalon Marshes project has conserved the landscape, heritage and wildlife of this unique wetland area in the heart of Somerset.

  2. Hull City of Culture

    Hull's year as the UK's award winning City of Culture was a stellar success, putting the city into the national spotlight

  3. Dance Syndrome

    Jen has Downs Syndrome, but refuses to be defined by her a passionate dancer but faced countless challenges and obstacles in finding suitable training and performance opportunities. Her solution was to form her own company to empower people through dance

  4. Kris Haplin

    Kris Halpin, a songwriter and performer with Cerebral Palsy, uses innovative gloves to play music. The gloves track Kris' movements and allow him to sculpt sounds seemingly out of thin air.

  5. OHMI Music Makers

    OHMI Music Makers are pioneering the creation and provision of musical instruments for physically disabled people

  6. Shame Chorus

    Shame Chorus places LGBTQ+ issues out in the open through a collaboration between world‐renowned psychoanalyst Susie Orbach and the London Gay Men's Chorus.

  7. The Man Engine

    The Man Engine, a colossal mechanical tin miner, steamed the length of the Cornish Mining landscape and a source of Cornish pride.

  8. Into Film

    Into Film is a film and education charity across the UK, giving young people the chance to experience film creatively and critically, as well as learn about the film industry and careers within it.

  9. In Harmony Opera North

    An opera company based in Yorkshire is delivering an inclusive programme of high quality music education and performance opportunities to over 1,000 young people every week from all backgrounds

  10. Rare Aware

    The Rare Aware project developed by the Same but Different organisation uses striking photography to highlight people affected by rare diseases and to help reduce isolation and counteract prejudice.

  11. First Story

    First Story is a creative writing charity which offers writer residencies for schools in low income communities to boost confidence and educational standards.

  12. Armistice Cantata

    Cantata'r Cadoediad, cynhyrchiant teimladwy o eiriau a cherddoriaeth. Wedi'i gyfansoddi gan blant ysgol gynradd yng Nghaerdydd, mae'n defnyddio cerddoriaeth a hanes i gysylltu ysgolion cynradd gyda phobl hŷn yn eu cymunedau.