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Charity - Prosiectau

Canfod prosiectau sy’n agos atoch chi


  1. Social Bite

    Social Bite is a sandwich shop that has grand ambitions but every penny it makes in profit is ploughed back into supporting homeless people and tackling social problems

  2. Winston's Wish

    Winston’s Wish provide face to face therapeutic support to children and families suffering bereavement

  3. Creative Butterfly

    Expressive art workshops for survivors of domestic abuse across the Bradford area

  4. Addiction Worker Training Project

    The National Lottery Funded Addiction Worker Training Project (AWTP) unique initiative which supports, trains, and provides work experience in social care to individuals with a history of drug and alcohol problems

  5. Young Shoulders

    Cancer Fund for Children's Young Shoulders Programme supports young people struggling with their parent's cancer diagnosis

  6. Hearing Hub and AVUK

    The Hearing Hub is a Belfast-based group set up by parents for families of children with hearing loss.

  7. Jessie May

    The Jessie May Trust offers a lifeline to families by providing nursing care at home for children and young people with life limiting conditions

  8. Ruddi's Retreat

    Ruddi’s Retreat offers free respite holidays at the seaside for families affected by cancer, life-limiting illness, bereavement and dementia

  9. Sunderland Cardiac Support Group

    The Sunderland Cardiac Support Group gives support to anyone discharged from hospital after having a cardiac trauma

  10. Bravehound

    Bravehound match dogs with veterans suffering with PTSD, helping them return to civilian life

  11. Samaritans

    More than five million people a year going through tough times have had support from Samaritans volunteers

  12. Vintage Vibes

    Vintage Vibes aims to create genuine, lasting relationships between lonely over-60s and volunteers through creating one to one friendships.