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Charity - Prosiectau - Page 3

Canfod prosiectau sy’n agos atoch chi


  1. The YES Project

    The YES (Youth Employability Support) Project is a three-year scheme which has helped more than 400 people not in education, employment or traning aged 15-24 to improve their chances of work and overcome the barriers they face.

  2. Kinship Care

    Kinship Care Northern Ireland helps and supports children who cannot be cared for by their own parents to live safely and securely within their own families and communities

  3. Brainy Dogs

    Brainy Dogs is a project run by Headway Suffolk that takes rescue dogs who are then trained by volunteers from different sectors

  4. dates-n-mates

    Dates-n-mates Scotland is a dating and friendship agency run by and for adults with learning disabilities that is relieving loneliness across the nation.

  5. Little Village

    Little Village ensure children have the essential items they need to thrive, and they support parents through their welcoming drop-in sessions across their three London bases.

  6. Stirling Carers Centre

    Stirling Carers Centre helps unpaid carers, aged from seven years onwards, with emotional support, financial and benefits advice, and short break opportunities.

  7. You Make It

    You Make It (YMI) is a grassroots organisation that offer business funding, workshops, work placements and much more to inspire women to create and empower themselves to achieve successful careers.

  8. Borrow Don't Buy CIC

    This project aims to help their members reduce clutter, save money and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint while strengthening the community by simply borrowing not buying.

  9. Wastesavers

    Wastesavers is a social enterprise and charity based in South East Wales, with a focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

  10. First Steps – The Stroke Association NI

    First Steps is an emotional support and counselling service, run by the Stroke Association NI, for stroke survivors and carers to help them overcome mental health challenges during the pandemic.

  11. Talk Now

    Talk Now is a Scottish charity providing counselling and support services for male and female survivors of abuse trauma, including childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse.

  12. Free Wheel North

    Free Wheel North is a Glasgow-based cycling development charity working towards creating a fairer, healthier society by enabling people of all ages and abilities to cycle as part of their everyday lives.