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Detholiad o brosiectau yr ydym yn eu hariannu - Page 4

Canfod prosiectau sy’n agos atoch chi


  1. The Granite City Guerillas

    The Granite City Guerrillas' use dodgeball to encourage the Aberdeenshire community to come together for good

  2. Instructability

    InstructAbility is a training programme run by spinal injury charity Aspire, to help disabled people start a career in the fitness industry

  3. Manchester Village Spartans

    The Manchester Village Spartans RUFC is Greater Manchester's gay and inclusive rugby union football team

  4. parkrun

    Parkrun's Visually Impaired (VI) Scheme is a project that helps support visually impaired people to be more active

  5. Tang Long Tai Chi and Tea

    Tang Long ran a course of tai chi and tea sessions for senior members of their community in North London

  6. Bravehound

    Bravehound match dogs with veterans suffering with PTSD, helping them return to civilian life

  7. Samaritans

    More than five million people a year going through tough times have had support from Samaritans volunteers

  8. Vintage Vibes

    Vintage Vibes aims to create genuine, lasting relationships between lonely over-60s and volunteers through creating one to one friendships.

  9. In Harmony Opera North

    An opera company based in Yorkshire is delivering an inclusive programme of high quality music education and performance opportunities to over 1,000 young people every week from all backgrounds

  10. Rare Aware

    The Rare Aware project developed by the Same but Different organisation uses striking photography to highlight people affected by rare diseases and to help reduce isolation and counteract prejudice.

  11. First Story

    First Story is a creative writing charity which offers writer residencies for schools in low income communities to boost confidence and educational standards.

  12. Armistice Cantata

    Cantata'r Cadoediad, cynhyrchiant teimladwy o eiriau a cherddoriaeth. Wedi'i gyfansoddi gan blant ysgol gynradd yng Nghaerdydd, mae'n defnyddio cerddoriaeth a hanes i gysylltu ysgolion cynradd gyda phobl hŷn yn eu cymunedau.